Walker Hayes has a big year ahead of him in 2022: he’s got a new album, a tour, and now a book coming out.

Hayes will be writing his first book titled, Glad You’re Here. The “Fancy Like” singer is collaborating with longtime friend, Craig Cooper, on this new endeavor. The title of the book comes from a line in Hayes’ song “Craig,” which is about Cooper and how he impacted the Hayes family.

Hayes told Music Mayhem “I bought the house next door to [Craig],” [The book] uncovers the details of our friendship, my testimony, us losing a baby, so I go in detail about losing Oakley and how the Lord has redeemed that. I also talk about my battle with alcoholism and how it’s going. When I met Craig, I was an alcoholic, and now I will be six years sober in October.”

The book will be published by Moody Publishing, a nonprofit Christian organization. No release date has been set.

Hayes’ Fancy Like Tour kicks off January 27 and is releasing new music today (Jan. 7) called “Drinking Songs.”

Walker Hayes