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JAKARTA, INDONESIA - JUNE 01: Macaque monkeys who are trained for street performances, known as "topeng monyet", are chained to a cage in "monkey village", where the animals are trained to take part in street performances on June 1, 2011 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The street performances usually involve the monkeys wearing masks, such as dolls' heads or attire to mimic humans, with the monkeys trained to act out human activities such as shopping, riding bicycles or other simulations of human behaviour. Poverty drives the handlers to exploit the monkeys in the hope of earning small change, but the effect and cruelty to the monkeys is a cause that charities such as the Jakarta Animal Aid Network are increasingly taking up. (Photo by Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images)

This is wild.  No pun intended.

Here are the details from 6abc:

A truck carrying about 100 monkeys was involved in a crash Friday in Pennsylvania, state police said at least three of the monkeys appeared to have escaped the vehicle.  Pennsylvania State Police say a monkey remains at large after escpaing during a crash Friday afternoon.

The truck had been on its way to a lab, Pelachick said.  “We are asking that no one attempt to look for or capture the animal,” police said. Authorities have asked residents who might see the monkeys to call state police at 570-524-2662.