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First the moneys that escaped and now mystery canine!?  What is going on?

Here are the details from PhillyVoice:

Earlier this week in western Pennsylvania, a woman came across a cold and shivering animal whose tracks she had spotted outside her house. At first, she thought he must be her neighbor’s dog, but a closer look led her to question what kind of canine she had encountered.  She called Tj’s Rescue Hideaway who then, to be safe, passed the animal on to Wildlife Works, Inc. another non-profit organization that focuses specifically on the rehabilitation and release of distressed wildlife. They take in injured, ill and orphaned animals of all kinds, including those that have been impacted by human interference, environmental contamination or habitat destruction.

DNA results won’t be in for a few weeks.  See the post below.

We are overwhelmed and thankful for all the love and support this guy is getting! Thank you to every one that has...

Posted by Wildlife Works-Mount Pleasant on Monday, January 24, 2022