Fresh off his 34th career number one song, “Knowing You,” Kenny Chesney announced his next single, to be released in February, will be called “Everyone She Knows.”

Kenny says of the woman in the song, “I love this woman. She’s found a life that works for her, and it’s maybe not what her friends are doing, but it works for her. There’s this idea that you get married, settle down and your life is made; but the woman in ‘Everyone She Knows’ is still out there, living life on her own terms, chasing her dreams, and trying to balance that with what people seem to expect.”

He adds, “I think there’s nothing as awesome as a woman living life the way she wants to. To see someone so in love with life, so in love with the adventure, out there doing it? That’s an incredible thing. I know so many women who are their own compass… and this song is for them.”

The song sings in part, “She’s a Marilyn in blue jeans / With a touch of Jackie O / She’s stuck between 17 / And everyone she knows / Everyone she knows.”

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