Miranda Lambert recently recorded a song called “Y’all Means All” for the current season of Netflix’s “Queer Eye,” set in her home state of Texas. 

The LGBTQ community, which includes Miranda’s brother Luke, embraced the new tune, and she says that she received much negative feedback. 

Lambert told Rolling Stone, “I haven’t had any pushback besides like one comment in my [social media] comments. I also don’t care about that. I learned a long time ago, I am who I am unapologetically, and that’s how I have a career. But that doesn’t mean you are everybody’s favorite all the time, and that’s OK with me.”

She added, “But this is such a bigger thing than anybody’s negativity. If I can be part of some positive change, and some good vibes then I definitely want to. I’m lucky to have this platform and that I’ve built this career where people do pay attention to what I say, and I used it to the best I can, with my MuttNation [Foundation] and what we’re talking about. I just feel like that’s part of why God let me have this gift is to do some good things with it.”

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