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IF THIS STORY WASN’T CRAZY ENOUGH!  I posted last week how a mystery animal was found in Western PA, and experts have no idea what kind of animal it is!  They are waiting for DNA results which could take up to two weeks!

Well, last week, THE ANIMAL ESCAPED!

Here are the details:

A Wildlife Works staff member showed up to the shelter and found that the area of the hospital where the animal had been kept was ransacked. Trash was strewn everywhere. There were scratch marks along the walls. The canine’s cage was open and empty. A window had its seal and screen torn apart. The animal had escaped, according to FOX8 in Johnstown, which has photos of the damage.  The DNA results are still not back for another few weeks!

Many thanks to all the folks who reached out to us with messages of love and support. It far outweighed the nastiness...

Posted by Wildlife Works Inc. on Monday, January 31, 2022