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Jon Dorenbos spent 11 years as a Philadelphia Eagle (a total of 14 years in the NFL), then went on to finish third in “America’s Got Talent” as a brilliant magician. But, even with all that success, he just topped it all…by saving a woman’s life!

Jon and his wife were enjoying dinner at a California restaurant when the owner got too close to a space heater and caught on fire! Horrifying!

According to witnesses, Dorenbos grabbed his wife’s blanket and smothered the woman, putting out the flames!

Now, hailed as a hero, you’ll love Jon even more when you read this quote, which he gave after the incident:

“”That’s the magic of the world, right? We’re there for each other, we support one another, we love all, we serve all, and we try to make this world a better place.”

Dorenbos saves woman's life in L.A. fire accident

Former Eagles long snapper Jon Dorenbos's life remains exceptionally eventful, even in accidental ways. Dorenbos and his wife Annalise Dale happened to be nearby when the owner of a Huntington Beach restaurant caught fire because of a space heater, and Dorenbos jumped into action.