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Audrey, a 6th grader from Texas, has had a rough time lately. Her father passed away and shortly after that her grandfather died of lung cancer. When the Daddy-Daughter Dance came up, it was particularly difficult for her and her family … and then she had an idea …

Audrey and her mom have been fans of Philadelphia Eagles Safety Anthony Harris since he played for the Vikings. Audrey’s mom is from Minnesota. So, they took a shot in the dark and reached out to Harris to ask if he would accompany Audrey to the dance.

Anthony Harris didn’t just say yes, he flew to the suburb of Austin and treated Audrey to the dress of her dreams, shoes, hair, and makeup, and the two danced the night away – creating a memory, different than if her dad were there to take her, but one she’ll remember forever, for sure.

Eagles Player Takes Young Fan to Daddy-Daughter Dance After Her Father's Death

Audrey Soape and her family have been fans of Eagles safety Anthony Harris since he played for the Vikings. After Audrey's father and grandfather died, Harris traveled all the way to Texas to take her to a daddy-daughter dance. The family spoke with NBC10's Aaron Baskerville about Harris' heartwarming gesture.