Kane Brown and his wife Katelyn welcomed a new baby girl named Kodi Jane on December 31, 2021, giving their two-year-old daughter Kingsley a baby sister.

Kane told us, “Kingsley adjusting to being a big sister, she’s killing it. I don’t know if she realizes that she’s a big sister yet. But she’s doing great on acknowledging if the baby’s crying just bringing her… the other day she brought her empty bottle that Kate just fed her.”

He added, “But it was the thought that counted, and it was just cool to see her, you know, I guess I would say two-year-old big sister instinct kicking in.”

Brown also said that his two-year-old’s personality is really starting to take shape. He offered, “She’s two but she thinks she’s fifteen. I think my favorite thing about her is she’s trying to count now, but when she says, you know, it’s supposed to be one she says nine, she goes ‘nine to three.'”

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