Thomas Rhett has taken social media breaks now and then, and he recommends it. He told us, “It’s fun to find things out. Like, if you know when all your friends are pregnant or somebody’s getting married or this or that, when you see ‘em, you’re like, ‘Hey, congrats.’ Instead of them being like, ‘Hey, I’ve gotta tell you something. We’re pregnant!’ And all of a sudden it’s like, ‘Oh my gosh! That’s amazing!’”

He adds, ”I think it just makes sweet moments way sweeter when you don’t have the knowledge of everything that’s happening to everybody. I think everybody should try it.”

Rhett is even trying to push away from his phone in general. He says, “I read a couple of books about how to, not even distance yourself from social media, but distance yourself from your phone in general. And I think having four kids, I don’t want my kids to grow up being like, ‘My daddy was always on his cell phone.’”

Thomas says he reaping the benefits of his new habits, saying, “It’s been really healthy for me to do that, and more so for me was just to be way more present in the household. My wife even noticed how much more present of a human I am and how much more engaged I am in conversation and all that kind of stuff.”

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