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Super Bowl Sunday is almost here! WOO HOO!!! It’s always a great occasion to party with friends and family, because even if you don’t have a rooting interest in either team, you know there’s going to be plenty of yummy food! One thing you certainly want to avoid however, is a trip to the emergency vet. Be sure to follow these tips from Heart + Paw veterinarian, Dr. Amber Karwacki on how to keep your pet safe during your Super Bowl party this year!

Don’t Fumble the Food – Chicken wings, fatty meats, chocolate, guac, alcohol, and soda can cause pets discomfort or pain. Make sure to keep these foods out of your pet’s reach. It is also good to keep your furry friend from chips and dip as chips are very salty and many dips contain onion and garlic. Trail mix with raisins or macadamia nuts should also be avoided as these are toxic. To make your pup their own party tray, put shredded baked chicken breast with no seasoning in the middle with baby carrots and apple slices on the edges!

Put The Trash Away – Trash left out on a plate such as bones, fat, and toothpicks could be dangerous if ingested by your pet. Always make sure that the counters are free of trash and food that is not being watched, and that any trash has been disposed of properly in a trash bag that is not accessible to pets.

Keep Guests in Mind – If you are planning to have guests over, and know that your pet might be anxious in this situation, prepare a separate room with your pet’s bed and favorite toys, where they can go to be away from all the excitement of guests. Ask your veterinarian if anxiety medication or pheromone therapy would help your pet during the holidays.

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