Tim McGraw’s role as James Dutton in the Paramount Plus series 1883 can be challenging at times, but the accuracy of the set and details of the show make Tim’s job easier. McGraw told us, “Knowin’ Taylor (Sheridan / producer), nothing surprises me about his accuracy. He’s one of the smartest guys I’ve ever been around. He’s always comin’ up with little ideas like, ‘Why are you wearing your gun that way? They didn’t wear their guns that way. Don’t roll up your sleeve. Cowboys didn’t roll up their sleeve.’ Stuff that he knows that I had no idea about that makes it work. But I think he tries to make it as real and as authentic and as historically accurate as he possibly can.”

Tim adds, “And the set design is so good on this. They’re not missing any details on any of this, which makes it easy to get into the world. You get there and you sort of mind relax and breathe in this mountain air and walk around and imagine what was going on during that time period, and imagine what your character would feel like. It makes your job easy.”

McGraw posted a new clip of the show to his Instagram, writing, “Anyone wants to ride with me, you’re welcome… new #1883 out now!! @paramountplus @1883official.”

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill -‘1883’