Keith Urban just released a new music video for his song “Wild Hearts.” Keith said in a press release, “I wanted to create the feeling of the journey I’ve been on from day one – hoping that one day I’d be playing live in front of as many people as can be jammed into a concert hall.”

Of the boom box in the opening scenes of the new video, Urban says, “It represents the beginning when I had no band, and I just played to a couple of people.”

But things didn’t stay that way. He offered, “The building I’m playing on starts rising higher, as the audience grows, “All of this leads to a starry sky becoming a sea of camera phones in the air – a phenomenal sight to see from any stage.”

And after nearly four years, Urban will have the chance to see that sea of phones once again. Keith says, “All of this gives me the same adrenaline rush. Knowing that we’re heading back out on the road again – it’s been so long since we’ve done that (because of COVID). I feel like a caged animal kicking at the gate to be let out!”

Keith Urban – Guitar God