Kelly Clarkson welcomed country music newcomer Priscilla Block to her show this week. She introduced Priscilla saying, “Our next guest is a guitarist and singer who is well on her way to country star status.”

Block walked on to the show greeting Kelly by saying, “I’m freaking out, I’m obsessed with you.” Clarkson replied, “Oh my gosh, you are so nice,” adding, “I love your vibe, I love your songs, I love your voice. I love everything about you.”

Priscilla then went on to tell Kelly about how she was getting ready to quit pursuing her dreams in Nashville when she was walking down the street and wearing a Taylor Swift t-shirt. Taylor drove by her and stopped to say, “I like your shirt.” Swift then got out of her car and took a picture with Block, who said that was the moment she knew she was going to stay in the Music City and fulfill her musical dreams.

Clarkson said, “That’s the craziest story ever, but I think it’s so cool telling of her (Taylor’s) character that she did that for one. And you have no idea a difference you can make in someone’s life.”

Taylor Swift – The ACMs