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Yes, it’s Taco Tuesday.  Yes, it’s National Margarita day and there’s kismet in that by itself, but there’s something about February 22, 2022 that has the stars aligned.

In numerology, the 222 sequence of numbers is often referred to as Angel Numbers. The number 2 references the energy of duality, partnership, relationship and balance. Numerologists Say the Once-in-a-Lifetime Date 2/22/22 Will Deliver Big Energy for Connections  Read more about this here.

The Farmer’s Almanac says some cultures believe palindrome dates are lucky. That’s why many couples choose them for their wedding celebrations.  Talking to you Las Vegas!

February 22, 2022, also marks our great nation making its first “Pluto Return,” meaning Pluto will be in the same place it was on July 4, 1776!

Whatever you do on 2/22/22 I hope it’s two times the fun!