Interested in becoming a Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader? Well, now is your chance! The team is hosting two workshops to help you prepare for the 2022 auditions and have begun their search for talented candidates to join the team.

The two pre-audition workshops will take place on March 15th and 16th to help prepare candidates for the Virtual Open Call Audition. During the workshops, participants will learn the open call audition dance routine, gain insight on the Brand Ambassador aspect of the role, and receive tips on how to film their Virtual Open Call Audition.

The Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders represent the Eagles organization year-round and serve as role models through their involvement in Eagles youth programs, raise awareness for important causes such as the Eagles Autism Foundation, and communicate initiatives as media representatives for the team.

To register for one of the workshops or learn more about the audition process, visit here.

Pre-audition workshops:

  • One on Tuesday, March 15th at Lincoln Financial Field and another on Wednesday, March 16th virtually.
  • During these workshops, contestants will have the chance to learn the open call dance routine, the brand ambassador aspects of being a cheerleader, as well as tips on how to film the Virtual Open Call Audition video.

Virtual Open Call Audition:

  • Contestants will submit a video of themselves performing the open call dance routine, as well as a brief introduction of themselves.
  • Videos can be submitted between March 12-April 2.

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