Maren Morris has a new song called “Nervous,” and the music starts with the lyrics, “You make me nervous / Put my reservations out of service / Making me feel like every secret’s worth it, it’s workin’ / I’m tryna hide my desire below the surface.”

Maren said of the song (which she co-wrote), “We went with and it felt really roughed up. And we didn’t want to keep anything too slick with the production or the vocal. And it just felt like okay, let’s lean into this, really sexual, empowering vibe of being like, you make me nervous.”

She continued, “Writing with Natalie (Hemby) always brings out the most colorful lyrics, and we definitely went there on this song. And I also feel like vocally, I just got in the vocal booth and wailed on it. It was the first time I felt like I took the training wheels off in a long time and just got to belt it.“

Over the weekend, Morris put her mom hat on, and she and her husband sported glasses around the house. She said n Her Insta stories, along with a photo of her wearing spectacles, “Hayes had to get glasses today, and the entire household is wearing fake frames to inspire him to keep them on. It’s not working so far, lol.”