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Maybe it’s the first thing you do in the morning. Maybe it’s the last thing you do before bed. Do you always start with the same word, or do you change it up? You have a system for the way your Wordle. Let’s see how efficient that system is.

The New York Times, which owns Wordle, has developed a wordle-partner to help you play. WordleBot tells you how efficiently you play the game each day … or how lucky you were. WordleBot has also shared with the NYTimes the most effective first word to play each day. Any guesses?

Looks like ‘Crane’ is the best place to start, though ‘Crate’, ‘Slate’, ‘Slant’ and ‘Trace’ are also very good effective, as are ‘Lance’, ‘Carte’, ‘Least’ and ‘Trice’.

Happy Wordling!