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This is definitely one of the best stories a celebrity has ever told me in an interview.

I asked Mark to pick between the Sixers and Celtics, and even though he choose his home team, he gave major props to Doc Rivers, Joel Embiid, James Harden and Michael Rubin (one of the Sixers owners).

He then proceeded to tell me the story that he’s never told anyone before!   He said since he played Vince Papal in Invincible, he has a very strong appreciation for the Eagles, and was rooting for the Eagles in the SuperBowl against the Patriots.

He told me that he’s really good friends with Eagles star Brandon Graham, and after the SuperBowl Brandon was celebrating at Mark’s house and took a nap.  Mark’s wife Leah was so upset that an Eagles player was at their house she was mad a Mark.  Ha!  He also said he couldn’t tell his wife about Brandon’s famous Tom Brady strip sack because it would upset her.  Lol!

Scroll to the 3 minute mark if you want to skip the beginning interview.