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Homemade Cold Cut Italian Sub Sandwich with Salami Lettuce and Tomato

The folks at apparently have a very difficult job.  They have spent countless hours recently tracking down what they call “The 15 Absolute Best Italian Subs in the U.S.”  We’ll let the transgression of calling them subs slide, because TWO of the 15 are in the Garden State!

Ranking first on the list is a sandwich of epic proportions called The Godmother.  While it passes muster with all the ingredients I have a hard time approving Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery’s creation because it’s in Santa Monica. Not exactly the Italian capital of the U.S.

Two of the 15 are right in our backyard!  The Italian Stallion at Sugar Hill Sub Shop in Mays Landing, NJ lands at number two and coming in at number 12 is Atlantic City’s famed White House Special at White House Sub Shop.  I’m thinking these hoagies are worth the EZPass toll and gas money.  Who’s driving?!

You can read the list of ALL the subs here, but be warned you may drool a little.