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Starting October 4th, prior to entry into BB&T Pavilion, all shows will require guests to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result within 72 hours of the event OR full COVID-19 vaccination (at least two weeks after final dose). Proof must be a PRINTED copy of a negative test result or vaccination, or the original vaccination card. Select artists and shows will require these same entry protocols BEFORE October 4th and that information can be found on Live Nation's website.

Do you remember when it was the Tweeter center?  Ha!  Also, The first event under the new name will be the 92.5 XTU Anniversary Show headlined by Tim McGraw, in case you didn’t know!!

Here are the details:

Live Nation, the operator of the 25,000-seat amphitheater, announced Wednesday that the venue will now be called Freedom Mortgage Pavilion. Freedom Mortgage, a full-service independent mortgage company based in Boca Raton, Florida, has entered a multiyear deal that comes with a number of promotional and marketing benefits, including signage at the venue and integrated media campaigns.

4 Other Times Tim McGraw And Faith Hill Confronted Fans On Stage

  • 2007 - Faith Hill Scolds Fan For Grabbing Tim

    A woman tried to grab Tim’s junk during a show, and his wife who came on after McGraw to perform, scolded the fan right from the stage saying as the music played, “You don’t go grabbing somebody else’s husband’s b—s. Do you understand me?”

    Faith Hill Scolding Fan for Grab

    McGraw is no stranger to grabby fans. Back in 2007, a woman tried to grab his junk ... and his wife, Faith Hill, was quick to give her a stern talking to.

  • 2008 - Tim Roughs Up Unruly Fan

    Tim was singing his final song, “Indian Outlaw,” when he spotted a fan acting unruly and called him out and grabbed him before security arrived to assist. He then pulled the guy on stage by his belt to remove him.

  • 2011 - McGraw Removes Fan For Hitting Girl

    From the stage, Tim spotted a fan fighting with his girlfriend. He said to the fan, “Hey, don’t hit the lady, don’t hit the girl.” McGraw then lifts the girl who got hit to the stage before he removed the guy. Other fans in the crowd cheered him on during the long confrontation.

  • 2014 - Tim Gets Annoyed At Female Fan for Not Letting Go of His Pants

    McGraw was walking through a crowd of fans from the stage when one fan grabbed his pant leg and wouldn’t let go. Tim slaps the fan till she releases him.