After a handful of years of being a country superstar, Luke Combs says that he is finally comfortable in his skin. That wasn’t always the case, as Luke told us.

Combs said that he doubted himself a bit at the beginning of his career. He offered, “It was hard for a few years, to be honest. You know you just don’t feel comfortable in your own skin doing it. You’re like, ‘Man, am I really this guy that everybody thinks I am or wants me to be?'”

Luke says he isn’t alone, “I think any artist would tell you that they suffered from imposter syndrome before where they are like, ‘Maybe I’m not this guy that everybody thinks that I am.’ And I don’t think that I have put any more stock in the fact that I am that guy at all. I try not to live my life having any kind of ego about it. I try not to put too much stock in how good of a person or human being or husband or dad or friend I am. I don’t want any of that to be based on, ‘Okay, I am a good friend because I am a country singer.'”

He adds, “I just try to separate the two. I’ve done a lot of work to be able to separate who I am as a human being from who I am on stage.”

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