It’s time to start celebrating the Class of 2022, and Krispy Kreme is jumping on board with it’s annual Senior Day Dozen free doughnuts on May 25.

High school seniors that show up to Krispy Kreme wearing Class of 2022 swag – anything from shirts and jackets to your cap and gown – on May 25, will get a free Senior Day Dozen doughnuts.

“With the return of graduation ceremonies and a sense of ‘normal,’ it would be easy to forget how much of these seniors’ high school or college years were turned upside down by COVID19. We didn’t forget, so we’re celebrating their perseverance and accomplishments!” said Dave Skena, Chief Marketing Officer for Krispy Kreme. “We hope seniors stop by their local Krispy Kreme shop May 25, dressed in their cap and gown or other Class of ’22 swag, and enjoy a free Senior Day Dozen.”

This year’s Senior Day Dozen features eight original glazed doughnuts and four specialty doughnuts:

  • Chocolate Iced Kreme FilledDoughnut is filled with our classic Kreme™, dipped in chocolate icing and decorated with a “2.”
  • Original Glazed, White Iced “0” Doughnut is our Original Glazed doughnut decorated with a white icing “0.”
  • Cake Batter FilledDoughnut is filled with Cake Batter Kreme™, dipped in yellow icing and decorated with a “2.”
  • Strawberry Iced Kreme™ Filled Doughnut is filled with our classic Kreme™, dipped in strawberry icing and decorated with a “2.”

Additionally, to celebrate Senior Week, Krispy Kreme is offering the 2022 Grad Dozen that anyone can purchase for their graduates. It won’t be available on May 25 because of the Senior Day promotion, but it will be available the rest of the week.

“In addition, family and friends can purchase a limited-edition specialty Graduate Dozen for celebrations on May 23-24 and May 26-29, made up of the four custom “2022” doughnuts along with fan favorites, including the Original Glazed, Chocolate Iced Glazed with Sprinkles, Yellow Iced Original Glazed with white icing drizzle and Strawberry Iced with Sprinkles. The Graduate Dozen will be available to purchase via drive-thru, in-shop, or by ordering online at Krispy Kreme’s website or app, while supplies last.