Tyler Hubbard has a new solo album he is working on, and he released his first solo single, “5 Foot 9” today (5/20).

During an interview yesterday (5/19), Tyler touched on the future of FGL, and according to him, it appears the duo is pausing for now. He told us, “At the beginning, he really wanted to do both, and I thought about it and slept on it; we talked to life coaches, and really it wasn’t just an overnight decision, but I came to a conclusion that for me that whatever it was that I was doing, I wanted to give it a hundred percent.”

He added, “Right now, it’s hard to say if there is a world where they can co-exist. I naturally want to go all-in on what I am doing, so I don’t know. We all know how much goes into making a career work, and for me to try to manage and successfully try to execute two careers simultaneously just seems… I’m not gonna say impossible but not very realistic.”

It was Hubbard who chose to shelf the duo for now. He offered, “I was kind of the one who said, ‘It’s either this or that it’s your choice, and he (Brian) chose to do the solo thing, and it pushed us in that direction.”

Tyler did say that the duo could get back together one day, “We’re never gonna shut the FGL door, let’s leave it open, we might circle back around and wanna do something someday. For now, let’s fully focus on the task at hand, which is pursuing the solo thing, and we will circle back. A lot of that was in an effort to preserve the friendship and the brand we had built together.”

This summer, fans can see the duo perform live for what might be the last time. Hubbard said of the summer dates, “We have about ten more FGL dates that were gonna do this summer, and we’re gonna use that as an opportunity to celebrate and to close the chapter for ourselves and for the fans and tee us up for what’s next.”

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