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I was on my way back from Long Beach Island last weekend and I needed gas.  Figured I’d get it in New Jersey since it’s cheaper than where I live in Delco. I  was stunned to see the $4.95 per gallon on the main road I was traveling on.  Then I did a quick search on my Gas Buddy app and found a gas station about 1.65 miles from where I was that had gas at $4.74 a gallon.  It was worth the trip, in my opinion.  Gas prices are quickly reaching more than $5 a gallon, so finding cheaper gas is important.  Here are some gas price apps that could help:

GasBuddy. It’s a crowdsourced app that rely’s on users to update prices, but for the most part it’s pretty acurate.

Gas Guru app The app draws its gas price information from the Oil Price Information Service, so the prices are always up to date.

Waze Yes, I know this is more a navigation app, but it also offers user generated info for cheap gas and also member deals.

Wherever you go, be safe and rolls those windows down – save on the gas for the AC!