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These are so creative!  I definitely would try Wiz Wit!

Here are the details from PhillyVoice:

The flavors now up for a vote to determine a winner. The people’s choice will be mass-produced and sold at stores across the Philly region.

(215) Special Sauce: In corner stores across Philly, the most popular condiment request is the delicious mixture of salt, pepper, ketchup and hot sauce. The taste is so good there have even been songs written about it. This bold blend of flavors is truly a special part of the (215)! The (215) Special Sauce chip is the perfect blend of tangy vinegar and savory flavors with a hint of heat. This chip has something special for everyone — just like its namesake, Philadelphia. – Gregory D.

Long Hots with Sharp Provolone: When people think of Philly, they think of hoagies. No hoagie in Philly, especially our beloved roast pork, is complete without sharp provolone and Italian long hots on top. It is a staple in the South Philly community and Italian markets throughout the city. Visitors would be wise to follow along. The Long Hots with Sharp Provolone flavored chip delivers a bold roasted pepper flavor combined with notes of provolone cheese in the background and a mild heat that builds with each chip. The flavors complement each other perfectly — which is one thing everyone in Philly can agree on. – Ryan R.

Wiz Wit: My favorite memories from my childhood involve spending time with my Dad driving in his classic car to find the best cheesesteak spot in Philly. Of course, the food was amazing, but the memories from those weekend pursuits will last forever. This flavored chip is drenched in delicious cheesy onion flavor, with a bit of meat to match the cheesy goodness that oozes out the back of your roll after your first bite. Nothing compares to that taste — just like nothing compares to a Wiz Wit cheesesteak from Philly. – Shannon A.