Kane Brown posted a new video to his Instagram of him and his daughter Kingsley playing in the bathroom sink where she turns the faucet off and on and finds it hilarious and giggles in her infectious laugh.

Kane captioned the adorable video, “My best friend.”

His wife Katelyn also posted a video to her Insta stories of the couple taking some questions from fans and even giving them a video tour of their new house. One fan asked where the couple had their first date, and Kane replied, “Our first date was in the back of my truck,” Katelyn said, “What the hell?” Then Kane says, “No, it was at Bar Louie.”

Another fan asked, “Any more babies in the future? Kane answered, “No,” and Katelyn agreed and said, “No, we’re done.”

One fan asked what their best relationship advice would be, and Katelyn said, “pick your battles.” Kane said she was wrong and then laughed and added, I’m still thinking about mine.” Katelyn said, “He hasn’t got one.”

Kane and Katelyn