Luke Bryan has been doing a residency at Las Vegas Resorts World, where he has played several times in 2022 and will more than likely extend his run into 2023, but that doesn’t mean he’s considering retirement in Sin City.

Luke told us, “I don’t really have a long-term vision for Vegas. I wouldn’t say it’s in my brain presently. I think every time I pull up to a 20 thousand seat amphitheater, and there are 20 thousand people in there, that will always be what drives me currently at this phase in my career.”

Bryan is sticking with venues all over the country for the foreseeable future. He noted, “I’ve been blessed to play football stadiums, and I still get to stand in front of massive crowds. I am certainly not putting myself in his category, but when I look at a career like George Strait, when you look at what he’s doing in his career, you got to think he’s doing it because he wants to be doing it. I don’t ever want to announce some retirement tour, and then we go do it, and I feel like I told the fans I’m gonna do it; therefore, the tickets went from 100 dollars to 400 dollars, and they overpaid, and then three years later I come out of retirement.”

Luke says he’s not one to hang it up, even when he is older, “I don’t think you ever really retire. I think there will always be a longing for me to go out and play some shows. Now, what do they look like when I am 65 years old? Hopefully, I am smiling, and I want to be there.”

He added, “If I wake up one day and Vegas isn’t fun, and whatever is going on, the dry climate and I can’t sing like I want to, then I will move those pieces around so that it fulfills me.”

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