When Carrie Underwood appears on the Grand Ole Opry, she dresses a certain way, different from any show she plays, and there is a reason for that: respect for the Opry ladies that came before her.

Carrie offered in a recent interview, “I’m very particular when it comes to my Opry wardrobe. You see pictures on the wall or looking up things about the Grand Ole Opry, and I feel like the women always dressed a certain caliber. It was very rhinestones; it was very shiny.”

She added, “It was a certain kind of dress. I love trying to carry that legacy on because they were just so beautiful to me.”

Underwood also noted that her wardrobe reveals a lot about herself. She said, “There’s a lot of me in the wardrobe, like personal pieces that I had in my closet that I brought. I collect vintage tees, and I had big Guns N’ Roses t-shirts, and I had one that was Patty Loveless… I’ll buy them even when they’re huge, and we’ll make rompers out of them. And those are really fun.”

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