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Andie – Good morning it’s The Andie Summers Show on 92.5XTU and it’s time for Minute To Win It! Let’s check in with our contestant this morning. Hey Cory! Where are you calling from?

Cory – Moorestown, New Jersey

Andie – Very good. Tell us a little bit about Morrestown because Jeff is new to the area. We’re trying to teach him all about this stuff.

Cory – Alright, Moorestown is wonderful area. It’s right between Cherry Hill, Philly. It’s a very good school district for the kids. It’s nice and quiet. You have a mall there, Moorestown mall. I live like two feet from it. Yeah, it’s great perfect.

Jeff – yeah, I can’t live that close to the mall. My wife would put me in debt.

Andie – So here’s the deal we’ve got a minute on the clock. Ten questions in front of us, you get all ten right you win one thousand dollars thanks to our friends at Meineke doing car care right. Now if you don’t know the answer to a question, do you know what you can say?

Cory – Pass.

Andie – Yeah you can say pass and we’ll get back to it if time permits. Otherwise as soon as you give us the answer to a question Cory that answer counts. Alright alright so no pressure but I mean, this is your shot at winning a thousand dollars or not so you can do it. You can do it. All right minute to it it starts in 3. 2. 1.


Jeff – How many sides does a parallelogram have?

Cory -4

Jeff – What do you call a year with three hundred and sixty six days?

Cory – leap year

Jeff – What bird gets its pink coloring from its diet of shrimp?

Cory – flamingo

Jeff -What does DMV stand for?

Cory – department of motor vehicles

Jeff – What is the oldest brewery in the United States?

Cory – I wanna say Budweiser

Jeff – What kind of metal is the Rocky statue?

Cory – Pass

Jeff – Which state was the fiftieth to join the union?

Cory – Hawaii

Jeff – What is the main ingredient in glass?

Cory – sand

Jeff – Miranda Lambert married a police officer from what city?

Cory – umm. pass

Jeff – Which electronics company makes the PlayStation?

Cory – Sony

Jeff – What kind of metal is the Rocky statue?

Cory – steel

Jeff – Miranda Lambert married a police officer from what city?

Cory – I wanna say…


Cory – ohh I’d say Austin.

Andie – Oh my goodness. Well I’m sorry that you didn’t get it. It was not Austin. Yeah you did really well so no we were looking for New York City. the New York City police officer. Also the rocky statue is made of bronze. And the oldest brewery in the US is Yuengling.

Jeff – That’s so delicious oh my goodness yeah

Andie -You were close. Yeah you know what Cory, we had a great time playing with you this

morning! Thanks so much for playing Minute To Win It.

Cory -Thank you guys love you, love your show!


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