Not too long ago, Luke Bryan said he wrote a song every day, noting that he got that idea from a country icon. But with the craziness of life as a country superstar, he doesn’t really have time to do that anymore.

Luke admitted to us, “I will say that I do not write a song every day that was Dolly; I stole that idea from Dolly Parton. When you have three boys and nieces that you are looking after, I fall short of my goals just a little bit.”

He added, “But with me, I’m just trying to move the needle sonically and instrumentally but stay the same and grow. When you saw me early in my career, I wasn’t up there playing piano, and I wasn’t up there playing little guitar licks on the electric. Through the years, I’ve incorporated those things into my show just to add more entertainment and add more fun for myself.”

Bryan says that the day’s news often inspires the songs he writes and picks. However, that isn’t always the case. He offers, “With every decade and every generation of music, there is always stuff going on in the world that creates a lot of uncertainty, and I think country music has always done a great job of addressing those things about life. But I think at the end of the day you still have to have fun with your music. People want to escape life through the music.”

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