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Andie – good morning. It’s the Andie summer show on 92.5XTU. Let’s head over to Deptford, new jersey, and say good morning to Gary. How are you, Gary?

Gary – I’m good. How are you doing?

Andie – Really well, so my friend Jeff has just started with the Andie Summers Show, and he’s learning a little about the Delaware Valley. What can you tell him about Deptford?

Gary – Deptford has a lot of good restaurants here, and they have what I hear is a good mall. I don’t go to the mall, but I hear it’s a good mall with many stores.

Andie – OK, stores are good. Especially for the mall. Awesome! All right, well,  here’s the deal, Gary, we’ve got a minute on the clock, ten questions in front of Jeff. There you get all ten; right you’re going to win a thousand dollars thanks to our friends at Meineke doing car care right now. If you don’t know the answer to a question, Gary, you can say pass, and then if time permits, we’ll get back to it; otherwise, as soon as you give us the answer to a question, it’s that answer counts. OK. All right, so don’t screw up; OK take a deep breath Gary you’ve got this you can do it I know you can. I got it all right here we go minute to win it starts in three two one.

Jeff – What color do you get when you add red to yellow

Gary – Blue

Jeff – What’s the square root of nine

Gary – three

Jeff – What’s the oldest brewery in the united states

Gary – Sam Adams

Jeff – in what film does Marlon Brando yell “Stellaaaa!”

Gary – pass

Jeff – what is the only continent without any bees

Gary – Antarctica

Jeff – what kind of metal is the rocky statue

Gary – bronze

Jeff – Miranda lambert married a police officer from what city

Gary – New York

Jeff – what fruit has the seeds on the outside

Gary – strawberry

Jeff – who played the fresh prince of bel air

Gary – will smith

Jeff – in what direction can kangaroos not walk

Gary – backwards

Jeff – in what film does Marlon Brando yell, “Stellaaaaa”

Gary – oh my god I know this one


Andie – Oh no! you played well Gary even though you didn’t win a thousand dollars thanks so much for playing minute to win it with us!

Gary – Thank you! Love you, love your show!