Country superstars are like all of us; they have their bad days and their good ones. If Miranda Lambert has a bad day but still has to take the stage, the fans get her back to feeling great.

Lambert told us, “I feel like I am totally energized by the crowd. I mean, you know, after so many times stepping on the stage, some days you’re just not as in it on your first song as you are other days. And where some days there’s hard stuff going on in your life or you know, where you’re just kind of sick, but you’re at work, and you gotta go do it. I’ve had several shows that I was struggling when I walked on and three songs, and I was like completely taking a deep breath and like thank you, y’all are here.”

She adds, “I needed that love today, and I’m giving back, you know, I definitely rely on them so much.”

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