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On my way home from work Monday, my daughter asked if we could have taco bowls for dinner.  That meant a quick stop at the store because we had no cheese and needed salsa.  This isn’t the interesting thing about my day – hang on, I’ll get there.  So I braved the line at the grocery store, grabbed cheese, salsa and some refried beans.  On my way back to my car I was juggling my keys, purse and the bag from the store when I noticed a very crisp new dollar bill on the ground.  I looked around – there was no one near by, so I bent to pick it up.  That’s when I saw two more fairly new dollar bills.  They looked like they were fresh from a new pack at the register drawer – so three dollars in hand I made one more sweep of the area and notice no one looking for lost money.  I got to the car, put my stuff on the seat and looked at the money in my hands.  I had read earlier in the day that the Mega Millions jackpot had grown to $530 million for the Tuesday night lottery…typically, I won’t spend money on lottery tickets, don’t think it’s worth it, but this wasn’t my money.  This was FOUND MONEY.  My old Italian grandmother used to say “you don’t pay bills with found money” so grandma in your honor I’ll grab a couple lottery ticket and cross my fingers.  If I win, I’ll see you on the beach somewhere.  If I don’t…I’ll see you right here tomorrow.