Garth Brooks has just a handful of dates left on his Stadium Tour before he takes a break and then makes his way to Ireland to play for his vast fan base there.

Garth shared on this week’s Studio G, “Buffalo and Houston – you two cities hold the key. I want to let you know now – we’re so close to averaging 95 thousand tickets a city. Buffalo and Houston – you can take us over that. This’ll be fun. Let’s get together and have a party!”

Brooks also explained something he said onstage as he wrapped the latest stop on his Stadium Tour this weekend, “I was so blown away that I told ’em…I don’t know if we’ll ever tour again like the Comeback Tour or the two World Tours in the ’90s and then the Stadium Tour. I don’t know if you’ll ever [do an] ‘organized’ tour like that.”

He added, “But if we do, we will start it…if Charlotte will let us… we’ll start it in Charlotte, North Carolina.”

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