Tim McGraw’s song about selling a truck, “7500 OBO,” is topping the country charts this week, but as Tim revealed, it’s a work of fiction, and you probably don’t want McGraw working on your truck.

When we asked if he fixed cars, Tim said, “No, God, no. When I was a kid I used to. In fact, I had a ’70 Ford pick-up truck, and one summer, I got bored, so I took the whole engine out and took everything apart and put it all back together, and I had a whole bucket of stuff left over. But it still ran. It still ran great.”

He added, “I don’t know what all the extra parts were that I had left over. But no, I’m not a mechanic by any means.”

The lyrics include, “It’s got leather seats, a sunroof / It’s sittin’ on 33s, it runs smooth / It’ll get you from A to B, but not for me / ‘Cause every time I turn that key, I see her.”

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