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A new virtual reality dome is opening today at The Oval XP fun space near the art museum.  If you love music, you’ll enjoy the 360-degree immersive audio and visual experiences – think walking inside the music, if you will!  The exhibit, which is part of the Oval XP experience that is offering live music, wellness activities and family-friendly fun like rides and food now has a large dome that will have music themed performances.

What kind of immersive musical experiences can you expect?  How about the Beatles, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Daft Punk,  The Grateful Dead and even some EDM inspired shows, kind of a little bit of everything really.  First up, Dead in the Dome and it runs Thursday night, July 28th and Friday night, July 29th.

The domes are FREE  during opening week – so get while the getting is good…and free! For more information head to