Garth Brooks is just now realizing that he’s not sure what his future holds with two shows to go on his stadium tour.

Garth said this week in Studio G, “I’m sittin’ here looking [and] going, ‘Oh my gosh – there’s only two cities left in the States here!’ And I’m sure, with the tour coming to an end, we’re probably all wondering – I know I am – ‘What the hell are we going to do next?’ So, the truth is, I don’t know!”

Brooks did say that his stadium tour days are over. He noted, “I can tell you this – no more Stadium Tours. There won’t be a Garth Brooks Stadium Tour again. We might play a stadium on a date or something somewhere to do something with somebody, but I can’t imagine there ever being a full-blown tour.”

Garth did hint that maybe another stint in Sin City may be on the books sometime soon; he said, “We talked about if we’re lucky we can get to do a residency – maybe – back in Vegas. Love ’em, and everybody’s been really, really sweet from the MGM to Caesar’s…talked to Wynn, we talked to Resort World – all those guys have been very, very sweet. We’ve gone to each one. And then I really, really love the idea of the thought of a traveling residency.”

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