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Before you get all upset that I am making fun on Delco, I live there so that gives me special dispensation.  The name of SEPTA’s newest rail station in Delaware County is nothing short of perfection.  Because it’s soooooo DELCO!   Wawa Station, yes I said Wawa station will officially open for service along the Media/Elwyn Line on Sunday, Aug. 21.  Now, you might think SEPTA has a great sense of humor and picked the one thing that is all over Delco, but actually, Wawa purchased the naming rights.  Maybe THEY have a great sense of humor.  The new station, is located on Route 1 in Middletown Township, Delaware County, across from the Wawa Dairy headquarters. It makes total sense!  The station is part of the project to restore more than 3.5 miles of regional rail service between Elwyn and Wawa, Delaware County.  SEPTA and Wawa will celebrate the opening of Wawa Station with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in August.