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The Philly cheesesteak is arguably the most famous food and any stop in Philadelphia should include a trip to get a cheesesteak.

If you’re a Philadelphian with a heart, then your heart broke at least a little bit when you heard the news Friday morning that Jim’s Steaks was on fire.  Here at XTU, we had just finished up The Andie Summers Show and Shannon and I were waiting for Jeff and Donnie to return to the office after giving away lottery tickets in South Jersey. That’s when Shannon’s cousin, one of Philly’s Phinest, texted her with the news. As we spread the word, every conversation stopped and our coworkers got online, texted friends, said a prayer that this Philadelphia institution, it’s workers, and neighbors would be okay.

While the building is in rough shape, everyone got out okay (God bless) and Jim’s owner Ken Silver vows to rebuild. But while that’s being done, his workers will be out of work, so there’s a GoFundMe set up to supplement their income until the new Jims can open again.

From the site:

In the early morning of Friday, July 29th, Jim’s South St. experienced a devastating fire. Sensing something was not quite right, the first shift staff saw smoke seeping from somewhere at the back of the building. Without hesitation, the crew immediately cut the power, exited the building, and called 911. Everyone was safe, physically unharmed, but emotionally overwhelmed as they helplessly watched their home away from home, and their livelihood, burn.


Donate the Cost of a Cheesesteak – Or a Couple of Cheesesteaks!
Now our staff needs your help. Jim’s will rebuild, but it will take time. Our family, our dedicated crew of heroes – and yes, they are heroes – need financial support.
Your donation to the Jim’s South St. Employee Relief Fund will be distributed to the 33 members of our staff, providing necessary financial assistance for their families during this challenging time. Please help those who have served you with pleasure and pride, whose financial stability turned upside-down in a matter of hours.