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You have mastered the dance, now you can have lip smacking yumminess that is all Applebee’s . The chain has partnered with a makeup and skincare brand called Winky Lux and they are launching “Saucy Gloss,” a collection of wing sauce-inspired lip glosses. You read that right.  The campaign was timed to coincide with National Wing Day and National Lipstick Day, both celebrated July 29.

Forget Walker Hayes, Applebee’s has released their own original song  “Taste My Face.” Billed as the first “dateable” music video, the clip includes the Instagram handles of the all-single cast. The song will also live as a sound on TikTok. The lip glosses are r $18 each or $65 for the set. Get yours here.

Top 10 Summer Foods

What is your favorite summer food?  Ice Cream, Milkshakes, hot dogs, pineapple?

The grocery delivery company Instacart did some research and came up with a top 10 summer foods.  They range from fruits, vegetables, meats, breads…

Check out the top 10 below:

  • 10. Necatarines

    I’m not sure why nectarines made the list and oranges didn’t. Aren’t they kinda the same thing?

  • 9. Peaches

    This is a good choice! Especially when you do a nice summer peach sangria!!

  • 8. Cherries

    You can’t go wrong with cherries.  You can eat them any time of the year!

  • 7. Corn

    This one I think should be higher on the list.  Corn on the Cob could be one of the best foods ever!  It is a BBQ staple.

  • 6. Hamburgers

    This should probably be #1.  Burgers scream summer.  I am not sure why this isn’t #1.

  • 5. Hot Dog Buns

    Yes, you read that correctly… Hot Dog Buns.  How in the world did hot dog buns beat out hamburgers?

  • 4. Hamburger Buns

    Another one?  Why are hamburger buns ahead of hamburgers?  I am not really understanding what is happening.  Hamburger buns are a necessity but you never think of the bun as a top food.

  • 3. Steak

    Another one that could be #1.  This is another food that can be eaten all year round but a grilled steak in the summer… Could be the best food ever!  Great choice!

  • 2. Hot Dogs

    Boom!!  Another item that could be #1.  I am just happy hot dog buns didn’t beat out hot dogs.

  • 1. Watermelons

    I don’t think it should be #1 but I’m not upset.  Watermelon is another cookout classic item.  You really can’ go wrong with bringing watermelon to a summer party.