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If you’ve ever been on the phone with Producer Donnie from The Andie Summers Show, than you’ve heard him end his phone calls with friends by saying, “love you, man.” It had us thinking, can our little love muffin get just about anyone to say it back?

Well, we have been putting him to the test.

Every Tuesday on The Andie Summers Show, we have Donnie calls a random business and attempt to get a stranger to say, “love you, man.” Donnie’s love might be low, but his phone calls are hilarious!

Let’s see if he can do it! Today, Donnie wants to know if a speech therapist can help him perfect his British accent. He purposely added this trait onto his online dating profile that he is from England and has a British accent to get girls. Donnie’s plan worked, and girls are interested in him because of his foreign accent. Well, guess what, not only does he NOT have a British accent, but he has a really bad British accent. Can this stranger help Donnie out? Will Donnie get a “love you man”?

Listen to this podcast to find out what happens!