Tim McGraw knows how many parents are feeling this month as they send their kids off to college for the first time. Tim and his wife Faith Hill have done it three times with their daughters.

Tim told us, “It’s tough, for sure. And it’s tough when they go away. I’m a crier anyway, so every time our girls have left, and we’ve dropped ’em off somewhere, it’s always been tough. But you get used to it.”

He adds, “You start gettin’ excited about seeing where their career goes and where their life goes, and it’s fun to watch ’em grow into strong, independent young women. But I’ll tell ya, the cool part is Faith and I really have enjoyed our time alone now at home. We see the girls quite often. They come home and visit quite often, but now when they were there for about four or five days, we’re like, ‘We kinda want our house back’ (laugh).”

Tim McGraw And Faith Hill Through The Years