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This is really awesome!  There are so many families who will now get to enjoy.

Here are the details from PhillyVoice:

Family Inclusive Sensory Hours Night will be held on Saturday, Aug. 20 from 5:30 to 8 p.m. The event is part of an ongoing partnership with Shriners Children’s Philadelphia, a pediatric hospital near Temple University’s Health Science Campus. During F.I.S.H Night, the aquarium lowers the music, brightens the lights and reduces the number of people who can attend. The goal of the event is to make an enjoyable and educational experience for guests who have children with different sensory needs.

Philadelphia Ice Cream Shop Named One of Best In The U.S.

If this current heat wave has taught me anything it’s that a bit of ice cream makes it a little more bearable. Cups, cones, sundaes, milkshakes, you name it it is all delicious. If you were ever wondering where some of the best ice cream shops in the United States were located, the food site released a list of the 40 best ice cream shops in the U.S. and one in our backyard made the list!

Thrillist says “The Franklin Ice Cream Bar is the latest vintage ice cream shop to open in the Franklin Fountain family. Specializing in hand-dipped chocolate roasted at nearby Shane Confectionery and sprinkled with a ton of while toppings, the shop also features ice cream, frozen custard, vegan options, and take-home pints. This bespoke parlor does serious things with ice cream, churning its own concoctions that include a stunner of a Honeycomb ice cream, a Cookies and Cream that ditches Oreos for Hydrox (the original sandwich cookie), and a nod to local favorite teaberry gum. They’re all but screaming to be tossed in a sundae or split and covered in homemade hot fudge or piled on the iconic Mt. Vesuvius sundae, which rises high from a base of brownies”.

Check out the list in alphabetical order below:


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