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Remnants of what was Hurricane Ian are making their way through the Carolinas and heading into Virginia and, yes, even Pennsylvania this weekend. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those impacted by this deadly hurricane, especially those in the Sunshine State.

As for Pennsylvania, it’s a rainy, gray day already throughout much of the state on Saturday (Oct. 1), and that trend is expected to continue this weekend. Looking at the National Weather Service’s forecast for the Philadelphia area and central Pennsylvania, it include rain and the possibility of thunderstorm.

Sunday’s forecast includes even more precipitation from Ian. According to Accuweather, the Philly area should see, “Some rain and wind from Tropical Rainstorm Ian; a chilly and damp end to the weekend.” Temperatures will also be more fall-like due to Ian, with a high on Sunday in Philly projected to be only 59. Thankfully, these trends won’t continue for long, and spring-like weather is on the way.

Going into next week, things will turn around by mid-week, with the warmer temperatures returning for the extended forecast, according to Accuweather. Much of Pennsylvania will be back near 70 by Wednesday with sunny or partly cloudy skies, and that trend it expected to run into next weekend. So, if you had outdoor weekend plans that were spoiled this weekend, perhaps you can schedule a re-do for next weekend. Currently, the Philly area is expected to have temperatures near 70 through at least Oct. 12. That’s pretty incredible for an October forecast. I’m very happy to see the warm temperatures returning for such a long stretch. It’s time to squeeze that last bit of outdoor fun before winter kicks in and the snow returns. I don’t even want to think about it. For more information on the upcoming Philly and greater Pennsylvania weather trends due to Hurricane Ian, go here.

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