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I’ve heard of haunted houses, but a haunted piano? It happened during Taylor Swift’s latest “Eras Tour” show at Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts. Taylor’s piano started playing on its own!

Just before playing “Red (Taylor’s Version)” on the keys, the piano made a noise. But Taylor says she didn’t touch a key.

Normally, Tay plays two surprise songs at each show, one on guitar and one on piano, but she was the one surprised on this tour stop. Taylor decided to scrap the piano and play two songs on her guitar instead. “This has clearly broken my keyboard. It was literally underwater — I don’t know how any of the instruments were working last night.”

You’ve got to see this:

Meanwhile, a fan who attended Taylor Swift’s washout in Foxborough, Massachusetts Saturday is selling rain droplets for a whopping $250.

The popular Instagram account Only in Boston shared a screenshot of what appears to be a Facebook Marketplace listing called “Taylor Swift Eras Tour Merch Rain.”

The photo shows three small containers from a local weed dispensary that are filled with clear liquid, which the seller claimed to have gotten from the downpour during the second stadium show on Swift’s Eras Tour.

Love you, love your show!