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Redo the 90s? Maybe with this 1996 Calendar Hack

They say everything old is new again. If that is the case, get ready to bring back the 90s! Did you know the 1996 calendar matches 2024? It is true, and let's face it. We are already seeing trends from the 1990s coming back into fashion, so I am all about it. Bomber jackets, baggy jeans, crop tops, and flannel shirts. They were everywhere in the 90s and they are back again. But just how far would you go to repeat a year? Because, if you have a calendar from the year 1996 lying around you can get a second use out of it! It seems 2024 is set up exactly the same as 1996. And I am not the only one to notice. Social media users are melting down after realizing the two years mirror each other. While it sounds like a fun bit of trivia, some are trying to make some money on the idea. People are actually rushing to eBay to hawk their old calendars, and they are getting a pretty penny for them. For example, someone is selling their 1996 Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Calendar on eBay for $37.00. Plus over $6.00 shipping. To put that into perspective, a new 2024 Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Calendar is going for about 15 bucks. People on social media have plastered sites with photos of the 1996 calendars they have dug up. And some of them are worth seeing. Wow, do they take me back. If you cannot find your old 1996 calendar for resale or posting purposes, you can also look back to 1940 and 1968 for years that mirror this year. Still no luck? Then run out to buy two calendars this year, one to use and one to keep. then, in 2052 or 2080 you can sell the second for a premium. If that is, someone actually wants it.

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