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Milli Vanilli Documentary Promises To Tell All

If you're a child of the '80s  and '90s then there is no way you escaped your years without singing along to what was once the biggest duo in music history. Milli Vanilli took the world by storm - and then they provided the greatest let-down in music history. What happened? Why did they dupe us? Who was behind the charade, and who paid the price? Paramount+ has a new Milli Vanilli documentary that promises to tell all. Rob and Fab connected while they were growing up in Germany. The two became fast friends because of their similar upbringing. Rob came from a broken home and Fabrice was in an abusive household. But the similarity didn't end there. The pair also shared the same goal: to become famous superstars. And that they did. Milli Vanilli became the most popular duo in the world in 1990 and even earned a Grammy. Well. Maybe "earned" isn't the right word. The true story of Milli Vanilla is told in the upcoming Paramount+ doc “Milli Vanilli.” The duo infamously rose to fame after their first album “Girl You Know It's True” went platinum six times, (6 times!!!) but quickly fell after it was found out that they had never sung a note. The new doc will cover the history of the group, as well as include an interview with group member Robert Pilatus that was recorded two months before he died, as well as interviews with music execs and previously unseen archival footage. According to Paramount, Fab is excited the story is finally being told. The journey I returned to during the filming of this documentary didn’t leave any stone unturned. At last I can close this chapter in peace … Get ready to take a walk in our steel-toe boots. “Milli Vanilli” hits Paramount+ on October 24th. See the trailer below. [select-listicle listicle_id="211290" syndication_name="fan-favorite-duo-have-been-named-to-host-this-years-cma-awards" description="yes"]

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