Brian McKay

Brunch With Brian: Trolley Car Diner

Last week I went to on of my go-to places for brunch, the Trolley Car Cafe in East Falls.  This week I got up early on a weekday to go to their "sister" restaurant, the Trolley Car Diner on Germantown Avenue at the border of Mr Airy and Chestnut Hill. On weekends there is a…

Are you feeling sad? Burger King has a meal for you!!!

Let’s face it, nobody is happy all the time, so Burger King is using its playful rivalry against McDonalds to raise awareness during Mental Health Awareness Month. They’ve come up with a new line of meal boxes that show many different emotions which is available in select locations across the country. Burger King’s new “Real…

Harleysville Bank

Check out these photos from Harleysville Bank! XTU DJ's: Razz, JJ Scordo, and Brian McKay were with the XTU Crew at three different Harleysville Bank location: Harleysville, Royersford, and Hatfield for the "Ring The Bell" campaign with the Salvation Army.