Jason Kelce Announces Press Conference To Address Future

This is BREAKING NEWS! Jason Kelce has announced that at 1pm EST on Monday, March 4th, he will hold a press conference to address his future with the Philadelphia Eagles. We announced on The Andie Summers Show this morning. Jason Kelce Retirement It has been rumored since the Philadelphia Eagles lost in the Wild Card matchup to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that Jason Kelce could be retiring after this season. In fact, it was even rumored LAST season after Jason and his brother, Travis, faced off in the Super Bowl on whether he would return for another year. He announced on X (formerly Twitter) at 8:39am the morning of the press conference. https://twitter.com/JasonKelce/status/1764646863989346761 We will keep you updated right here on his decision. [select-listicle listicle_id="279773" syndication_name="jason-and-travis-kelce-spend-time-with-friends-and-family-in-philadelphia-pics" description="no"] Start your day off right by listening to The Andie Summers Show weekday mornings from 5:30am to 10am. They’ll make you feel good.   Meet The Andie Summers Show Andie Summers  Andie Summers has been waking up country music fans in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties on 92.5 XTU since 1999. While Andie loves her job, she is most proud of her role as wife to Leonard, mother to Tori and Leonard, and dog-mom to their poodle Bob Ross. Jeff Kurkjian  Jeff Kurkjian grew up in Montgomery County, Maryland and now is proud to call Philadelphia, home. He and his wife, Emily, just welcomed their baby girl, McKinley to the world. In his spare time, he loves to binge watch the latest shows and work on his own podcast called “Do What You Love.” Donnie Black  Donnie Black is the Producer of The Andie Summers Show. His love for radio started way back when he was 8 years old when he would record his own radio shows on his cassette player in his bedroom. When he is not at work, he is listening to 90s boy bands, watching the same movies over and over. Shannon Boyle Shannon is the Assistant Producer of The Andie Summers Show. She started her radio career with 92.5 XTU as an intern for The Andie Summers Show. Shannon is Philly born & raised, when she isn't rooting for the city, you can find her crafting and watching her favorite TV shows.  Follow The Andie Summers Show on Facebook and Instagram for more!

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